Investigation of a Countywide Outbreak of Paratyphoid Fever Associated with Consuming Cold and Raw Food

Wen Xu, Du CH, Wu Q Q, Jiang L, Thamthitiwat S, Thammawijaya P
Articles:, Pages:1-6,

Hand Washing as a Preventive Factor for a Chickenpox Outbreak in a Rural School, Yunnan Province, China

Chen Lei, Li Li QF, Tangkanakul W, Lu L, Liu XQ, Siriarayaporn P, O O
Articles:, Pages:7-13,

An Outbreak of Brucella melitensis among Goat Farmers in Thailand, December 2009

Vilaiporn Wongphruksasoong, Santayakorn S, Sitthi W, Chuxnum T, Pipatjaturong N, Kunthu A, Phuyathon B, Prasert S, Udom S, Doung-ngern P
Articles:, Pages:14-21,